This system provides support for your Chamber of Commerce businesses and community.
Communicates with your members using Mail, Email, and Text Messaging.
Manages your members with various membership levels.
Produces invoices and manages your events.

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Here are just some of the benefits this system provides:

All of your staff are required to have an assigned username and password to access your system. The system is secured by only allowing a person 10 chances before they are locked out. This helps to prevent hackers from programmatically accessing your system.
You can have up to 15 persons from your organization simultaneously doing your Chamber business, like your President, Committee Chairpersons, Administrators, etc.
Define your Chamber Membership levels, like Commercial, Corporate, Business, Civic, Comped, etc. Each with their own annual dues amount and whether or not they will automatically be invoiced. Plus, all levels have an unlimited number of members, contacts, and events.
Define other contact lists, like Vendors, Restaurants, Wineries, Lodgings, Art Festivals, Other Chambers, Other Businesses, Potential Members, etc.
Maintain each of your member's information, like addresses, payments, events they are going to, want to volunteer for, etc. Also, their business categories and descriptions which can interfacing this information to your website. Easily find members information and events by narrowing your search pattern.
In just a couple of clicks, find the members that would like to volunteer for a specific event.
Define your Chamber Events, like Board Meetings, Chamber Dinners, a New Year's Ball, Business After Hours, Town Meetings, and other social events. Then you can schedule these events as many times a year as you like.
Maintain who's coming to these events and create tickets for them if needed. And, of course, collecting their monies if this is a paid event. Email participants as a reminder of an upcoming event.
Optionally, this Chamber of Commerce System also provides two-way communications with your website. Get immediate response to ensure people who buy items on your website are valid members, or to register and process payments for events, or update membership informational changes.
By using FTP interface from your website, you can request several types of Information from the database. Like, is this person of interest an actual member? Is the member current with their dues? Are there still openings for an event? What is the price for the event? Etc. The system will then send an FTP message to your website in response to your query within a few seconds.
If any changes are made to the members in the Chamber database, it can send FTP messages to your website with the new information. And the reverse of that, if there are changes in the website, it can send the information to the Chamber database. Most common file formats are .TXT, .CSV, and .XLSX.

More features to come. Stay tuned......